Klay Thompson hilariously interrupts Steph Curry’s pregame antics without noticing

Photo: nikk_la via Flickr.com

Photo: nikk_la via Flickr.com

The Golden State Warriors beat the Detroit Pistons, 127-107, on Thursday night at Oracle Arena, displaying the same offensive dominance basketball fans have become accustomed to seeing from the Bay Area team.

Leading the charge, once again, were Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, the Warriors backcourt pair of superstars who have helped lead Golden State to a 34-6 record through the first 40 games of the season.

They’ve also helped the Warriors score 100 points or more in 48-straight games, the longest streak the NBA has seen in nearly three decades.

As good as the Warriors have been in recent years (with this year being no exception), they’ve shown it’s important to have some fun throughout the long season and they accidentally gave fans a good laugh on Thursday night right before the Pistons game tipped off.

During their pregame shootaround, Curry set a ball on the three-point line with the intent to give it a soccer-style kick to a teammate on the other side of the court before Thompson nonchalantly picked up the ball and used it to continue his pregame shooting.

Curry’s free kick had been hilariously interrupted:

Thompson didn’t seem to realize that his pregame focus had barged into Curry’s fun, but Curry couldn’t help but laugh after the fact.

Thompson’s locked-in mentality served him well after the incident, though, as he would go on to score 23 points against the Pistons, 12 of which came from beyond the arc.

Curry added 24, including draining some wild buckets from three-point land that many fans have grown used to seeing him make.

The Warriors and Kevin Durant seem to be in good shape to lead the charge in the Western Conference once again and are looking to go to what would be their third-straight NBA Finals.

We’ll see if they continue to give us laughs along the way.

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