Cavaliers’ J.R. Smith gives Jason Terry a hug, forgets to play any defense

Photo: Screenshot via

Photo: Screenshot via

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a well-oiled machine that looks well-ahead of the rest of their Eastern Conference foes in their quest to defend their NBA title.

But that doesn’t mean they are perfect, and on Tuesday night they showed why.

During a loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, veteran J.R. Smith made himself trend-worthy across various social media platforms when he made one of the most boneheaded decisions of the year.

While the Bucks were moving the ball across half court, Smith took a second to walk off the court and hug the Bucks’ Jason Terry, who was sitting on Milwaukee’s bench.

While the two greeted each other, the Bucks completed a near-half court pass to a wide-open Tony Snell, whom Smith was supposed to guard, leading to perhaps the easiest dunk attempt the Bucks will have this season:

The Cavaliers ended up losing the game, 118-101, so Smith’s blunder was far from the only reason Cleveland lost, but it doesn’t make the play any more acceptable.

Still, it gave fans a pretty good laugh and the Cavs’ season is going so well they might have a laugh about it afterwards as well.

What made the play all the more eye-roll and chuckle worthy was that it was Smith who once again made a questionable on-court decision.

Smith has spent the majority of his career gaining a reputation as one of the more entertaining characters in the league, to the point that there are several internet articles that compile lists of “the most J.R. Smith moments”.

Complex News created a YouTube video when Smith left the New York Knicks in 2015 to commemorate his best moments in the Big Apple, some of which were complete blunders.

Teams tend to forgive him because he has proven that his talent can be a valuable commodity, beyond the questionable decisions.

The veteran, now in his 14th NBA season, is averaging 31 minutes per game this season but only averaging 8.7 points, 2.5 boards, and 1.3 assists per game.

It will be interesting to see when he will be in headlines again — my guess is not very far from now.

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