Kevin Durant ‘don’t give a damn’ about Drake Night, stares down rapper in interview


Photo: Screenshot via Warriors broadcast

Since joining the Golden State Warriors this summer, Kevin Durant has been the face of criticism around the NBA from analysts and fans alike.

He’s not going to make any new friends in Toronto after hilariously dissing the city’s most iconic rapper, Drake.

On Wednesday night, the Warriors beat the Toronto Raptors, 127-121, on the team’s third-annual “Drake Night.”

Durant finished with 30 points and the Interview of the Night Award after staring down Drake and telling a reporter that he didn’t care about Drake Night:

In Durant’s defense, he had been egged on by Drake for most of the evening.

After the Raptors took a lead early in the game, Drake made a point of standing up from his courtside seat to stare down Durant:

Durant obviously didn’t take it kindly and, perhaps, rightfully so.

Interestingly, the rivalry seems somewhat new.

In September, Drake brought Durant onstage during his Summer Sixteen tour at Oracle Arena and promised the crowd that the addition of the former MVP would bring “big rings.”

Drake also wore Durant’s No. 35 jersey for most of the performance:

Going even further back, Durant told reporters in May that he found it “pretty cool” to be name-dropped in a Drake song.

The rapper wrote “Weston Road Flows” and included a stanza referencing the success of Durant:

A lot of people just hit me up when my name is mentioned
Shout out to KD we relate we get the same attention
It’s rainin’ money, Oklahoma City Thunder
The most successful rapper 35 and under

Apparently the respect level between the two has diminished.

Or maybe both were just caught in the heat of the moment.

Either way, watching Durant stare down Drake during his postgame interview was hilarious and watching him downplay Drake Night was even funnier.

The Warriors won’t visit “The 6” again this season, but the Raptors will come to “The Bay” on Dec. 28.

No word yet on if Drake will be there.

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