Buffalo Bills’ Tyrod Taylor hilariously forgets how to play quarterback

Photo: Screenshot via NFL on CBS broadcast

Photo: Screenshot via NFL on CBS broadcast

The Buffalo Bills inked Tyrod Taylor to a six-year, $92 million extension earlier this year, which means they have a lot of faith in his ability to play quarterback.

Taylor has met expectations to this point in the season, but on Sunday he had a mental lapse that will go down in football lore for all the wrong reasons.

As the Bills lined up in the “shotgun” formation early in the first quarter against the Los Angeles Rams, Taylor nonchalantly lined up behind his left guard, rather than his center, and started to set up the play.

What he never seemed to notice was that his center was ready to spike the ball with no one in the backfield to take the snap, leaving a blooper for the ages:

Luckily for the Bills, the fumble only resulted in lost yardage as opposed to a turnover.

What made it even more funny is that no one seemed to notice any error in the way Taylor was lined up.

Center Eric Wood never looked back to see where his quarterback was, left guard Richie Incognito never seemed to notice Taylor was behind him instead of Wood, and running back LeSean McCoy stood next to Taylor without noticing they were both lined up too far to the left of the line.

Buffalo got the last laugh, however, as they beat the Rams, 30-19, to improve to 3-2 on the year.

Taylor continued his string of solid starts, throwing for 124 yards and a pair of touchdowns with 28 rushing yards as well.

McCoy was the bigger storyline on Buffalo’s offense, though, as he compiled 150 rushing yards on just 18 carries against a Rams’ defense that has stood tall against running backs this year.

But the most memorable thing from this game was certainly Taylor’s mishap.

It happened following a formation both he and Bills have surely lined up in hundreds of times before, and this has probably never happened.

If the Bills have any luck, it won’t happen again.

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