Eight-year-old rugby beast runs over, throws down opponents in youth league

Photo: Screenshot of YouTube video via Moroni Martin

Photo: Screenshot of YouTube video via Moroni Martin

Sports dominance exists at the college and professional levels, but few eight-year-olds can say they are truly dominant.

One player from Canberra, the capital city of Australia, changed all that this week.

A video uploaded to YouTube showed the youngster throwing stiff arms and breaking tackles with relative ease against other players who are clearly much smaller than he is.

The eight-year-old’s mixture of power and speed captivated social media and catapulted him into the conversation as “Little Beast Mode” an ode to the famous NFL power rusher Marshawn Lynch.

Take a look at the video for yourself:

As you can see, stopping this young man does not come easy, but credit his opponents for trying.

Rugby is often considered a team-sport, so some on social media have disapproved of the video as it appears to show the eight-year-old running plays solo.

“Poor poor poor coaching [sic],” one viewer commented on Facebook. “When all other players catch up to his size you are left with a player that has absolutely no skills such as passing, placing, lines and team work. The coaches are actually hurting this young boys [sic] rugby. He has obviously been told to do this instead of use the other players in his team [sic].”

Another viewer commented: “This is not the spirit of rugby!! I played rugby all my life and that is contrary to the philosophy of sport…Rugby is companionship, it is pass the ball [sic], and much more!!!”

On the other hand, some viewers enjoyed the video.

One commenter, who was on the same thread as the previous two, wrote “LOVE that jump-juke that is CLASSIC.”

The video will surely circulate for the next few days and it will remain to be seen how the youngster’s future turns out in the sport.

Maybe he pursues it, maybe he decides never to play it as more than a hobby.

In the meantime, let’s just appreciate the monstrous performance he demonstrated and send our thoughts to whomever is tasked with trying to stop him.

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