Rookie Joey Bosa in no place to seek leverage against San Diego Chargers

Photo: MGoBlog via

Photo: MGoBlog via

The San Diego Chargers announced Wednesday that they pulled what they called their “best offer” to 2016 NFL Draft first-round selection Joey Bosa.

The Chargers said Bosa, the No. 3 overall pick in the draft, rejected an offer that would have included the “largest payment and the highest percentage of signing bonus received” of any of the teams’ first-round picks since 2011, according to an article from ESPN.

Bosa’s representatives said Wednesday night that the Chargers “manipulated facts” when releasing the story to the media. The 21-year-old remains the only 2016 first-round draft pick that is still unsigned.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming apparent that Bosa’s camp is getting greedy, and that doesn’t bode well for a rookie who has proven absolutely nothing on an NFL gridiron.

According to multiple websites, Bosa was offered a $17 million signing bonus from the Chargers which would have been the largest offered to any rookie in either of the past two drafts.

San Diego reportedly offered to pay 85 percent of it up front, but wanted to wait until the new calendar year starts in March to compensate the rest. Bosa reportedly wanted all of it by the end of 2016.

The Chargers also reportedly offered a contract that would have paid Bosa more money in 2016 than anyone else from the draft except Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz.

That offer was also reportedly rejected.

The entire debacle seems like an enormous game of ‘he-said, she-said’, but the Chargers are ultimately going to win.

And they should.

Bosa was an outstanding collegiate athlete but he hasn’t proven anything in the NFL or to the team, leaving him with absolutely no leverage in this situation.

To this point, the only thing he has provided to the Chargers has been a distraction that is forcing the front office to make him the center of attention while the rest of the team competes during the preseason.

It makes Bosa’s camp look worse when considering that he, along with most first-round picks, would have had a pretty straight path to seeing the field this year.

He would have been expected to make the team and would probably have seen playing time this season with the Chargers. Instead, his hold out has demoted him to fourth-string on the depth chart while his teammates — especially those competing for his job — are getting reps and finding chemistry without him.

Contract negotiations are understandable, but Bosa is in no position to make demands or ask for anything more than the opportunity he’s been given.

Hundreds of aspiring NFL players that went undrafted would gladly take 85 percent of a $17 million signing bonus that doesn’t even reflect what his salary would have been this season.

Getting drafted to an NFL team should be an opportunity to prove that you are one of the greatest players at your position in a league with some of the best athletes in the world. It’s not an opportunity to make demands of a team you should be lucky spent the time to recruit, scout, and draft you.

Bosa is becoming a thorn in the side of the Chargers, and when San Diego wins the debate, he will only have hurt himself.

He’s missing out on valuable rep opportunities on the field and not making himself look pleasurable in public relations with Chargers fans.

It’s a shame that Bosa is putting himself ahead of his teammates and organization. He’s a talented player that will perform well in the NFL once given the chance.

Except the Chargers gave him a chance and, so far, he’s blown it.

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One Response to Rookie Joey Bosa in no place to seek leverage against San Diego Chargers

  1. Woody LaBounty says:

    He may be making a mistake, but it won’t be one of disrespect for an NFL franchise or potential teammates. The Chargers aren’t “giving him a chance.” They are making him a business offer, which is negotiable. He goes in and gets injured the first day with no guaranteed contracts that bonus is a big big deal. And his teammates will be very happy if he gets big bucks because that means more money for everyone when contract negotiations come around. Preseason “reps” are a lot less valuable than real cash my friend.


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